The garden surrounding Casabella, of about 1000 square meters, is protected from the external view by a hedge of Lauroceraso, Alloro and Lauro. It has two entrances, one pedestrian (via Rosmini 35) and the other driveway (via Al Castello 11), inside which you can park your car. Elsewhere, between trees and shrubs there are several areas for resting and reading, or for sun-bathing, equipped with chaise longue, deck chairs, tables etc.. The lawn is dotted with essences of White Pine, Magnolia Stellata, Olea Fragrans, Cherry, Willow, Camellia, Calicanthus, Palme Chamerus, Acer Palmatum, Acer Saccarinum, Liquidambar, Fagus Purpurea, Loquat of Japan. In addition, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Oleanders, Hydrangeas, Jasmines, Herbs, Ilex Aquifolium, Cornus, whose foliage and blooms invade the space of scents and colors.